Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair

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Do you have a smartphone that has a cracked screen and is usable? Are you thinking about buying a 5G phone? Conversely, why not pick up a cracked cell phone screen repair kit and battery and fix it yourself.

You may think it is easier to take it in for repair and that is OK, but why not fix it yourself? If you have never done it before now is a good time to give it a try.

5G Timeline

Currently 5G is slowly rolling out in a select few cities around the world. Gartner predicts that less than 45% of communications service providers (CSPs) globally will have launched a commercial 5G network by 2025(1). In order to have 5G coverage companies must install many radios everywhere and blast radio frequencies (rf) all over this planet.

Thus in order to run 5G on your phone you need to have a 5G capable phone. I am not trying to knock 5G, but I am saying, wait until your carrier installs infrastructure close to you. Do you remember the 3G to 4G (LTE) transition, it wasn’t that long ago.

Now there will be a transition from 4G to 5G, which is a massive project in itself. So let’s leave 5G as it is, it’s a discussion for another time and another place.

Repair Companies

There are repair companies like Digital Supply USA and Amazon who have an interest in people fixing their phones. No reason to buy a new phone if you can fix it yourself. Our planet can only supply precious metals for so long, how much longer no one knows.

The longer you can use your phone the less e-waste and the longer it stays out of the e-dump. Of course there are obvious reasons to buy a new phone, but if it is 2 years old, that’s a bad excuse. In fact, Big Phone companies will not advertise that you can replace a dead battery or cracked screen.

You know who I mean: Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei and the list goes on. It doesn’t make sense for them to sell you parts when they can sell you a new phone. All in all batteries will die and screens will crack, the rest of the phone should work for a long time.

I have an old Motorola Android phone and the phone works great. I can send text messages, check email, find places and check my website when I need to. Surprisingly, exactly the same functions as a new phone without all of the apps.

Perform Updates

As long as you keep updating the OS you should be able to run the latest apps. Rather than spending huge amounts of your money on the latest and greatest phone which is identical to your old phone. Think about performing your own repair and save the e-dump from unnecessary waste.

Lastly, I suggest you pick up some tools, and an anti static mat, then you can repair your friend’s phone too. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you take action by performing your own cracked cell phone screen repair and battery replacement yourself.

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